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Menstrual Hygiene Management

Improving markets, changing minds

The first step along the path to affordable menstrual health products for all women and girls in Tanzania, was the abolition of VAT on sanitary pads in 2018. We drew on our coalition-building experience to coordinate an influential group of women’s rights campaigners, UN agencies, parliamentarians and civil servants that successfully pushed for the change.

Now our focus is on the private sector. We are working with manufacturers, distributors and retailers to develop new products and bring down costs across the supply chain, increasing the number of women and girls reached by every brand. 

Changing the social norms that make it taboo to talk about menstruation in Tanzanian is essential if men are going to include the cost of pads for their wives and daughters in the monthly household budget. Our marketing partners have recruited a team of Tanzanian celebrities, male and female, to lead a new, public conversation about periods and bring a private, lonely battle out in the open.

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Our impact: new products, no VAT

Tanzania leads the way abolishing VAT on sanitary pads