What we work on


Media Engagement

New voices for more diverse debate

Engagement with the media is key to much of our work at I4ID, to ensure marginalised voices are heard and to engage with citizens and the public for inclusive debate and policy-making.

BBC Media Action is our official media partner. Their objective is to harness the power of communication to reduce poverty and help people understand their rights and they have two large radio platforms in Tanzania: Haba na Haba and Niambie, with an audience reach of 6 million people across the country. These programmes regularly cover issues I4ID is working on, bringing together diverse stakeholders in debates to promote shared understanding and consensus building. Through our partnership BBC Media Action journalists have interviewed a range of Tanzanian citizens who would not otherwise have had a platform for their views: female urban vendors, deaf people and their families, waste disposal providers, women and girls talking about period poverty. 


BBC Media Action in Tanzania