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Regional Investment

Creating jobs and boosting local economies

The Government of Tanzania has embarked on an ambitious 5 year industrialisation programme, “Nurturing Industrialization for Economic Transformation and Human Development” , which is one of the President’s flagship projects. The President himself is pushing regional and district officials to attract investment and the energy, interest and personal accountability this creates represents a significant opportunity for job-creation and new inward investment to Tanzania.

However, creating the conducive policy environment at local and national level that is required to unlock Tanzania’s industrial potential in this way, requires experience, coordination and expertise, which is currently lacking. Iringa Regional Government, in central Tanzania, are addressing this deficit with a new Investment Facilitation Office, supported by I4ID. In coalition with businesses and investors of all sizes, national policy makers and local government officials in Iringa, we are working to facilitate linkages between public and private sector actors at all stages of the value chain and give Regional Governments a louder voice in the national investment conversation. This will help overcome constraints in the local business and regulatory environment, unlocking new investment and boosting economic growth from smallholder level up to national exporters.

 The end goal is millions of dollars of new investment, new skilled and semi-skilled jobs, which will directly and indirectly benefit thousands of households in the region. 

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Coalition Building to unlock constraints on investment